activia yogurt buoni sconto

patented for exclusive use in Activia products. How does "Activia" work? This product, compared with the rest is less caloric: from 31 to 39 kcal, depending on the fat content - 0. Bifidobacteria in the yogurt remain alive until the end of the shelf life of the product. But the composition of such a product will be less natural: sugar syrup, prunes, corn starch, thickener - pectin, lemon juice, flavor identical to natural sugar. In addition to natural, is represented by a variety of flavors: forest berries, prunes, cherries, muesli, bran and cereals, strawberries and others. Bad ecology, poor-quality products, irrational nutrition adversely affect the health of the whole organism.

In addition to the traditional natural taste on sale, there is a curd mass with the taste of a baked apple hogan sconto or peach with the addition of three cereals and flaxseeds. "Activia" is not a medicinal product, but the effect of its use persists even after discontinuation. It is distinguished not only by its useful composition, but also by convenient packaging. To improve the taste in dairy productsActivia products are added with various fillers. Drinking yogurt is represented by such assortment of flavors: prunes, cereals, pineapple, figs, mangoes and others. At the same time, the quality and quantity of bifidobacteria remains at an equally high level. Despite all the useful properties of the "Asset notit is worth forgetting that it is not a product of baby food, and therefore, yogurt and other sour-milk products of this series should not be used by children under the age of 3 years.

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